Are Ceramic Crowns Right for You?

Ceramic Crowns Scottsdale, AZ

A ceramic crown is a type of dental restoration placed over the tooth to strengthen and improve the teeth’s appearance. Dental crowns are used to correct or cover a number of dental impairments such as cracked teeth, stains, discolorations, or a broken tooth. A ceramic crown will make the teeth look healthier and improve oral health.

Ceramic Crowns

These are cosmetic crowns that are fabricated mainly from ceramic, unlike other crown types that are made from gold or porcelain fused to metal. The major feature of these crowns is that the material used is translucent, this is appealing because it blends right in with the remaining teeth. Most ceramic crowns are made with computer technology (CAD or CAM), which uses 3D design.

Who needs ceramic crowns?

The tooth does not have to be physically damaged to require a ceramic crown. The patient may have a tooth that looks out of place compared to the rest of their teeth.  A ceramic crown can help restore oral health while also providing a flawless smile.

Prominent teeth

In situations where the aesthetics of the crown is very important, such as the front set of prominent teeth, a ceramic crown may be the preferred option. Ceramic crowns are popular because they can mimic the luster of natural teeth due to their appearance and translucent features.

The major advantage of using ceramic crowns over other types of crowns is their appealing appearance. Since they are fully fabricated from ceramic, patients can avoid certain issues that accompany other types of dental crowns. Also, the techniques used in fabricating these crowns can yield results that are remarkably impressive and unmatched by other types of dental restorations.

If the crown’s strength does not matter

There are usages where the strength of the crown is vital for functionality. Ceramic is typically less strong than materials such as metals or porcelain fused to metal. This includes situations where the patient grinds or clenches their teeth, produces remarkably heavy chewing forces, has teeth with fracture lines, or where crown defects may adversely affect a finished dental procedure, such as root canal therapy. In those cases, the person will be better off with more reliable options.

The durability and long-term health of ceramic crowns depend largely on the patient’s oral hygiene habits. They must endeavor to brush and floss regularly to prevent plaques and tartar from accumulation on the teeth and gums. Although cavities do no affect prosthetic restoration, it could worsen into a severe infection that may cause tooth loss. Regular visits to the dentist are also important for routine preventive care.

Final note

If your teeth are structurally damaged and need repair, you can improve their functionality and appearance by covering them with ceramic crowns. The cosmetic dentist will examine your dentition and help you come to a decision. At the end of the treatment, you will have a more beautiful and aesthetically appealing smile.

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