Dental Implant Options for Multiple Tooth Replacement

Dental Implant Scottsdale, AZ

Getting a dental implant is an effective way to replace a tooth and restore your smile. You can also use this cosmetic dentistry method if you have multiple missing teeth. There are many benefits to choosing implants over other treatments. As you consider whether this is the right choice, you can talk to your dentist about this procedure and what you can expect.

Common reasons people lose teeth

With good oral hygiene and by avoiding misfortune, people can keep their permanent teeth throughout life. Unfortunately, losing a tooth is possible under certain circumstances. Some of the most common causes are accidents and injuries where the person suffers a hard blow to the face. Biting into hard foods and objects can also dislodge teeth or break them badly enough that the dentist must extract them.

Sometimes, tooth loss is a result of a person’s inattention to brushing and flossing. This can lead to severe decay or infections. Gum disease can also cause bone loss, loose teeth, and eventually tooth loss. Even if a decayed or infected tooth does not fall out on its own, the dentist might have to pull it out.

Reasons to look at dental implant treatment for multiple teeth

One of the advantages of getting implants is their longevity. Made of titanium, the implant posts serve as effective roots and anchors for the crown. With proper care, an implant can last a person’s lifetime. Implants can withstand chewing most foods.

A person with dental implants can also enjoy a natural look. The dentist will ensure that the crown is similar in size, shape, and color to the surrounding teeth. Implants also preserve the bone. As a result, they keep the facial structure intact.

Getting the implants

Having a single dental implant requires extensive invasive work. Having multiple implants make the process even more challenging. The patient must come into the office for a consultation and preparation followed by at least three visits. Separately, the dentist will place the posts into the jaw, attach the abutment, and place the crown.

Implant care

It takes a few weeks for the patient to get used to a dental implant. During this time, it is good to avoid eating hard foods. Eventually, the individual should be able to eat just about anything, though it is wise to be cautious about biting into hard candy, caramel apples, and chicken bones. The person with implants should also brush the crown with fluoride-based toothpaste at least twice a day. The crown can become stained, so this will help to keep its white color. Regular visits to the dentist will also help to ensure the implants are firmly in place and working effectively.

A good option for more than one open space

If you have a few missing teeth, a dental implant procedure can give you a full smile. Implants are durable, effective, and natural-looking. Usually, this option will last longer than dentures or bridges. Talk to your dentist today about getting started.

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