Getting Implant Supported Dentures on the Lower Teeth

Implant Supported Dentures Scottsdale, AZ

Implant supported dentures are recommended when someone is missing many or all the teeth on the jaw but still has enough jawbone to support implant placement. Unlike regular dentures that rest on the gums, these overdentures are supported by dental implants. This article explains the process of fitting implant dentures.

The process of implant-supported dentures

Implant supported dentures are typically fabricated for the lower teeth because traditional dentures are often less stable on the jaw there. Normally, a regular denture created for the upper jaw is often steady on its own, without the extra support provided by implants. Either way, patients can get implant-supported dentures on either the upper or lower jaw.

There are two major types of implant dentures: bar-retained and ball-retained. Both types have a denture that is fabricated from an acrylic base that looks like the gums. The teeth part is made from acrylic or porcelain and attached to the base. At least two dental implants are required to support the dentures.

Any patient looking to get implant dentures on their lower teeth needs to book an appointment with an experienced dentist. During the initial consultation, the dental professional will take X-rays and impressions of the teeth. They may also request a CT scan to determine bone volume or density.

Implant placement

The first procedure involves surgically placing the implant posts into the jaw. The dentist will make a small incision on the gum and create a hole in the bone. They will place the implants and stitch up the area. The process is repeated based on the number of implants needed. There is a waiting period of about three to six months to allow osseointegration, where the bone fuses properly with the bone.

Placing the denture

When the bone has fully integrated, another procedure will be required to add the abutment to the implants' head. The dentist will take impressions of the oral cavity to make the denture framework and dental prosthesis. A metal bar or ball will be placed over the abutment to connect the denture. If everything fits, the dentist will screw the bar or ball attachment permanently to the implant. Patients will need to return to the dental office for follow-up appointments to keep track of the process.

Candidacy for implant dentures

Normally, if a patient is healthy enough to undergo a tooth extraction procedure, then they can get implant dentures. The entire procedure can be completed in one or two appointments, although careful evaluation and planning are necessary before proceeding with treatment. Potential patients include those who are disappointed with regular dentures and constantly have to deal with poor retention discomfort from the lower denture. Also, patients with partial tooth loss with extensive teeth damages cannot support a prosthesis properly, despite repair or restoration. Research has indicated that neither age nor osteoporosis is an inhibiting factor for proper healing or implant placement.

Final note

Patients need to care for the implant supported dentures like their natural teeth. If you have several missing teeth on the lower jaw, you can visit the dental office to discuss restoration options with the dentist.

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