How a Night Guard Can Protect Your Teeth While You Sleep

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Wearing a night guard each night can help protect your teeth if you grind them while sleeping. These devices lessen the stress that bruxism places on teeth, resulting in less damage. Most people with bruxism often go undiagnosed because the condition mostly happens during sleep. A visit to the dental office can help to identify the issue and ensure patients get the help required.

How a nightguard functions for dental protection

Bruxism is not prevented or cured with night guards. Teeth grinding is frequently caused by another issue the patient is experiencing, such as stress, emotional troubles, or overactive jaw muscles. It is only by addressing the underlying cause of bruxism that it can be treated. Since diagnosing the cause of bruxism can be difficult, particularly if the cause is not physical, dentists frequently recommend wearing a nightguard to protect the patient's teeth during sleep while treatment is ongoing.

The effects of teeth grinding on the teeth

Teeth grinding causes damage to the enamel of a person's teeth, which can lead to various dental problems. The hardest part of the human body is the tooth enamel. It acts as a protective barrier for teeth against things that can harm them, such as acids produced by bacteria in the mouth.

The enamel shields the dentin and pulp chamber, which are the innermost layers of a tooth. A tooth's soft tissue and nerves are housed in the pulp chamber. When saliva, food particles, and bacteria contact the tooth pulp, toothaches are common.

The term "teeth grinding" means grinding the teeth together. Without any intervention, the condition will wear a tooth down until it reaches the pulp chamber. This can result in debilitating pain, and the dentist might recommend placing a dental crown on the tooth or extracting it to restore comfort.

Patients can minimize the damage done to their teeth from bruxism during sleep by using a nightguard. The night guard absorbs a large part of the pressures produced by their jaw, causing the mouth guard to wear down instead of the tooth enamel.

Choosing the right night guard

When it comes to choosing a bruxism night guard, patients have two primary options:

Stock or over-the-counter night guard

For individuals who grind their teeth, this is the cheapest option. Patients should not expect it to fit comfortably since they are a one-size-fits-all appliance. A poorly fitting stock appliance may cause the person's teeth to become misaligned, resulting in even higher pressures being imposed on their teeth. Those who opt for this type are advised to get no-impression, custom-fit options.

A custom-made nightguard

These are made specifically for the patient by a dentist and fit considerably better than other options. They lessen the symptoms of bruxism and may even enhance the wearer's dental alignment. Since these devices are manufactured in a dental lab, it may take a few weeks to be available.

Final note

If you have noticed signs of bruxism, you need to consult a dentist about treatment options, including obtaining a personalized custom guard.

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