How an Oral Sedative Can Help During a Dental Visit

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An oral sedative always comes in handy when a patient cannot handle being in the dentist’s office. While it is true that dental checkups are necessary for your health, there are still adults who cannot stand them. Phobias about the dentist or the dental examination itself develop in childhood and carry over in adulthood. Taking an oral sedative can make your dental checkup more pleasant. If you suffer from fear and anxiety during a dental checkup, find out how taking an oral sedative can help.

Relieves pain

Some people dislike pain during dental exams. With an oral sedative, the patient can go through the dental checkup and treatments without pain. The pain from dental treatments can make the dental checkup traumatic, intensifying the fear that is already there. That is why many people stay away from dentists. If the dentist suggests the use of a proper oral sedative to the patient during the consultation, this fear can go away during the dental appointment.

Alleviates anxiety

By taking an oral sedative before the dental exam, a patient can remain calm. Taking this medication is a good way to ensure the dental health and psychological well-being of the patient. Anxiety in overly nervous patients can be too disruptive that it could affect the dental treatment. These patients should take the oral sedative before going to the dental clinic. Doing so can help the patient receive proper dental care while keeping the dental clinic calm for the other patients.

Weakens the gag reflex

This reflex is a defense mechanism that stops any foreign object from entering the throat. A patient in the dental chair is aware that the dentist will be using foreign objects to work on teeth and gums. Because of this, a strong gag reflex can prevent the dentist from working on the back part of the patient’s mouth. An oral sedative can paralyze the gag reflex, allowing the dentist to work on the patient’s mouth more effectively.


Taking an oral sedative does not involve the use of needles. The sedative enters the body through the mouth. Then, the small intestine absorbs the medication and reaches the bloodstream. The sedation starts to take effect gradually. This is an effective way to calm patients who fear needles.

Makes the patient forget

With sedation, the patient’s mind cannot create a new memory from the dental treatment. An oral sedative can prevent the worsening of the patient’s phobia of dental checkups. This type of amnesia is helpful. It can also stop the patient from recounting the dental treatment.

You can achieve a calm dental appointment each time by taking an oral sedative before it starts

Patients, who fear the dentist, can achieve a calm and complete dental treatment by taking an oral sedative. Using this medication can help you go through a stressful procedure like a root canal or dental extraction. It is common for dental patients to take oral sedatives. Asking your dentist about the process of taking an oral sedative before your treatments can help you feel more comfortable during your next dental appointment.

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