How Does a Mouth Guard Protect Your Teeth?

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A good mouth guard can protect your top and bottom teeth from injury. Your teeth are prone to trauma whenever you play contact sports or engage in rough activities. Losing even one tooth can affect the way you smile, eat, and speak. A tooth injury could even lead to more expensive, complicated, and lasting dental problems. If you want to know how a mouth guard can shield your teeth, here are the details.

When to wear a mouth guard

Anyone who engages in physical sports must wear a mouth guard. Physicians and dentists always stress the importance of doing so. This dental appliance must always be on the list of equipment for collision or contact sports. Children and adults must wear these protective dental shields if facial impact is a possible occurrence. Hockey, boxing, football, and basketball are common sports with possible heavy contact.

Some recreational or non-contact sports also need dental protection. Gymnastics, martial arts, skiing, and skateboarding often involve one or two individuals. Even so, facial impact is still possible. Jumping and cartwheeling may result in a bad fall on the mat. Sparring in martial arts may cause a terrible kick to the face. This could also happen in skiing and skateboarding.

A player or a hobbyist must always have a mouth guard handy. This helpful dental appliance can protect the jaw, lips, tongue, and inner cheek. Wearing one may take some time to get used to. Over time, it will be part of the preparations before the recreational or sports activities start.

How mouth guards protect teeth

Bruxism is a lasting problem. It is a nightly habit in which a person grinds the upper and lower sets of teeth against each other. Unprotected teeth suffer from cracks, fractures, and deterioration. A mouth guard in the form of a bite plate or bite splint can help prevent dental damage. This dental appliance can prevent significant damage. The right design and fit can decrease jaw muscle activity and reduce the wearing down of teeth.

As mentioned earlier, physical activities can result in teeth and mouth injuries. Tooth loss, nerve damage, chipping, and fractures are common dental injuries. A fitting mouth guard can protect teeth from such injuries. The right materials can reinforce the protection even more.

People who have orthodontic appliances need proper protection as well. Braces or fixed bridges also need protection. Children and teens are prone to facial injuries because of their active lifestyles and habits. A child or teen who has an orthodontic appliance must wear a mouth guard to protect the lips and cheeks from any injury.

A mouth guard for braces can protect the child’s teeth and soft oral tissues from injuries. It can also protect the brackets from breaking. Braces are expensive. Mouth guards for braces are also as costly. Even so, it is worth investing in them.

Getting a mouth guard can prevent oral damage during physical activities

A mouth guard can protect teeth and soft oral tissues from injury. It can also shield fixed dental appliances from damage. People who love to engage in physical activities must wear mouth guards. An appointment with your dentist can determine what type of mouth guard will fit your needs well.

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