How Often Is Professional Teeth Whitening Recommended?

Teeth Whitening Scottsdale, AZ

Are you getting more and more excited about teeth whitening? This cosmetic dentistry procedure could be just what you need to achieve the smile you have wanted to show off. Yellow and brown stains on your teeth no longer have to be the focal point of your appearance. There are a few important factors you should know about when it comes to whitening your teeth. Your dentist is a good resource to help you understand what is in store for you.

Avoiding discolored teeth

It can challenge anyone to keep their teeth white. As people get older, they are more likely to have discoloration. Keeping white teeth requires diligence and dedication. A person’s first line of defense should be to follow good oral hygiene practices. People of all ages should brush at least twice a day and floss daily. It is also helpful to regularly use mouthwash.

Even people who strictly develop and maintain these habits can have stains on their teeth. For some, genetics works against them. Other people may drink too much soda, coffee, tea, or wine. Each of these beverages stains teeth. Eating certain foods can have the same effect. People should limit their intake of foods such as tomato sauce, soy sauce, curry, and berries.

Why people do teeth whitening

It may not be necessary to whiten teeth if there are only faint stains or if there is minor discoloration of the teeth. However, some people are good candidates for these procedures. Many patients start treatment as a way to improve self-esteem or self-image. Having stained teeth can be embarrassing or even keep a person away from social situations. People also choose to do teeth whitening because it can provide an incentive to be more vigilant about taking care of teeth.

The different methods

There are three types of teeth whitening treatments: in-office, take-home trays, and store-bought. Purchasing whitening toothpaste at the drug store does not require as large a financial commitment as other options. However, the results do not last as long and take longer to show up. It is also difficult to improve the whiteness of teeth by several color shades with store-bought products.

Going to the dentist’s office for treatment will usually produce fast, long-lasting results. In this method, the dentist applies a hydrogen peroxide solution to the patient. The dentist then uses heat or light to activate the chemical. It will then break down the stains. People sometimes prefer taking home the hydrogen peroxide solution and applying it themselves. This option is more effective than using toothpaste or strips.

Coming back for more

Everyone has different needs, and everyone’s issues vary. Teeth whitening can be effective for a couple of years when the patient uses take-home trays. With in-office treatments, the results can last a few years longer. Once the patient notices that discoloration is returning, it is time for more whitening.

Say hello to a new smile

Your smile makeover awaits. Talk to your dentist today about whether teeth whitening is an option. You might be able to do an in-office treatment, or you could use whitening trays. Both can be effective and help you achieve your goals of a whiter smile.

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