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You may have heard the name Bioclear being thrown around at the dental office lately. Perhaps you have teeth stains that you want to be covered, but you also want to avoid the costly veneer option. Bioclear is the latest invention in the dental world that provides the same outcome of a beautiful smile as veneers but without the high price tag.

Bioclear vs. veneers

Bioclear is an alternative to veneers. Veneers are porcelain pieces that are tooth colored and glued to the surfaces of your teeth to help physical and aesthetic abnormalities. Bioclear differs from veneers in a couple of ways, including methods and replacements, and none of the base teeth are altered in any way. It is also starting to take the place of tooth bonding and crowns due to its accessibility and affordability.

The method

Bioclear has a dental composite or resin that is specifically molded around the tooth to create the perfect color and shape. Unlike veneers, it does not need to file down the original tooth in order for placement. Bioclear is added to the tooth, making it strong and keeping it safe from tooth enamel decay and lasts up to 10 years, the same as veneers. Unlike other dental procedures to fix the teeth, Bioclear can also be done in one appointment at the dentist, as no modifications are done to the original teeth.

During the procedure, a matrix mylar is placed around the tooth that requires the Bioclear treatment. This mylar is then filled with the composite material, a liquid or a paste until it hardens enough with a special light for the mylar mold to be removed. The composite is then shaped and polished accordingly. The simplicity of the procedure means any aesthetic or physical issue can be fixed, no matter how minor, without any complex or extensive procedures. It leaves you with a perfect smile in just one visit.

What is the cost?

Bioclear is less expensive than the porcelain veneer counterpart. If the porcelain veneer is damaged, the entire thing has to be replaced, which is costly. If Bioclear is damaged, it only requires further additions instead of replacement of the whole material. This makes Bioclear less expensive even when it does require replacing. With a lifespan of 10 years similar to that of porcelain veneers, Bioclear clearly has the advantage.

Who is Bioclear for?

If you are unsure if Bioclear is for you, having a discussion with your dentist can help answer that question. Anyone with the following can be a perfect candidate for Bioclear:

  • Gaps between the teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Small or misshapen teeth
  • Dental black triangles that need to be covered
  • Stain resistant
  • Braces that left gaps


Bioclear is rising in popularity as the next best choice for fixing aesthetic and physical tooth problems. It is a simple but effective solution to fix anyone’s smile due to its affordable cost, accessible application and long lifespan.

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