Options for the Replacement of Multiple Missing Teeth

Options for the Replacement of Multiple Missing Teeth from Sonoran Desert Dentistry in Scottsdale, AZPeople with multiple missing teeth have many options to consider. This article provides an overview of options for replacing multiple missing teeth. Since there are so many choices, making a selection can be an issue. Some tooth replacement options are not suitable for particular cases, which means patients need to take their time to review their options before making a decision.

Replacement options for multiple missing teeth

Some of the common options for missing teeth replacement include:

Dental implants

This is one of the most common and preferred methods of replacing multiple missing teeth. Implants are not only long-lasting but also feel and look nearly identical to natural teeth. Dental implants replace a missing tooth root with a titanium screw that is inserted into the jawbone. This screw serves as the implant's base and aids the stability of the dental prosthetic that is affixed to the top of the implant.

Patients who undergo dental implant treatments report that their implants are almost indistinguishable from their natural teeth. They may be used to replace several teeth or a single tooth, and they are very secure and long-lasting. Depending on the number of missing teeth, the dentist may suggest placing between two to four implants to support a dental bridge or dentures. Implant-supported restorations are typically more durable and functional than their traditional counterparts.

Fixed dental bridges

Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth in different ways. These bridges are very distinct from one another, despite their similarities. The dentist might recommend a dental bridge if the missing teeth are next to each other. The dental bridge is a natural-looking, generally less expensive alternative to dental implants. Two separate crowns are used with a fixed bridge, typically designed to fit onto other teeth that function as support. The prosthetic teeth are bonded to these crowns on either side.

Removable partial dentures

For those who want a removable tooth replacement option, dentures are one of the most popular options available. Despite the preference for permanent replacement teeth, it is not always an option for every patient.

Patients can take out removable partial dentures themselves. In fact, neither getting them out nor putting them back in will require a trip to the dentist. This convenience appeals to many patients, making this a viable alternative to explore. They are also usually less expensive than other options.

Some detachable partial dentures can work next to each other. These dentures typically have an acrylic foundation; however, a stainless-steel framework may help them to be more structurally sound. These dentures are fitted with metal clasps that go over a tooth or its cavity to keep the denture in position.

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