Preparing for a Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction Scottsdale, AZ

A tooth extraction may benefit those who have a damaged or decayed tooth. When problems occur, a tooth may become painful or interfere with eating or speaking properly. While having a tooth removed can be stressful, knowing how to prepare for such a procedure may make patients feel more comfortable when taking a seat in the dentist’s chair. 

Tips for preparation 

Not only does preparation for this type of dental procedure give patients an idea of what to expect, but it also offers them a chance to ask a dentist a variety of questions regarding the actual extraction. Those who are new to this process may want to make several queries, such as: 

  • How long will the extraction take? 
  • What are the options for tooth replacement? 
  • How long will it take for the empty socket to heal? 

Asking these questions, along with learning a few tips about how to prepare for a tooth extraction, may lessen feelings of anxiety in some patients, especially for those who are nervous about seeing a dentist for any reason. 

Gather medical history 

Before the procedure, the clinic may ask patients who require a dental extraction to provide a medical history. This can help prevent complications related to chronic health conditions such as type 2 diabetes. Patients may also be asked to provide a background medical history of the immediate family to rule out issues such as allergies to medications. Individuals can gather this information before visiting the dentist. 

Make a list of concerns

Those who need one or more teeth extracted may feel worried or anxious because of unknown factors related to the procedure. While this is common, patients can alleviate these fears by making a list of any concerns to discuss before the actual extraction takes place. These could include whether X-rays are necessary, whether it might be necessary to take time off work after the procedure, and what kinds of activities or routines may be affected. 

Prepare transportation 

Most tooth extraction procedures involve some kind of numbing agent, but patients may still feel a bit of discomfort afterward that could cause distractions while behind the wheel. Patients may want to ask the clinic about whether it is safe to drive home alone or if someone else should take over driving duties. 

Purchase soft foods 

Individuals who have a scheduled dental extraction coming up may find it helpful to stock the fridge and cupboards with soft foods beforehand. Soup, gelatin, pudding, and soft-boiled eggs are all gentle on a healing mouth, and having these items on hand can help patients avoid trips to the grocery store and allow time for rest instead. Individuals can also ask the dentist for advice about what foods to avoid while the socket heals, especially during the first 24-48 hours when the area is likely to feel especially tender. 


A dentist and clinic team can help people feel at ease about having a tooth extracted, even for those who have had little experience with dental procedures. The more patients understand the process and what is involved, the more peace of mind they can gain. 

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