Reasons to Consider Invisalign for Clear Aligners Teeth Straightening

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For straight teeth, Invisalign® is a good alternative to traditional metal braces. There was a time when braces were the only cosmetic dentistry option available to correct teeth misalignments and bite dysfunctions. Now, clear aligners offer the same benefits as braces, along with other advantages. You can learn more about this process and how it can help your appearance and oral health. Your dentist can then get you started on what can become a whole new smile.

How Invisalign works

Clear aligners are plastic mouthguards, or trays, that fit over the patient’s teeth. As the aligners are in the mouth, they will put continual pressure on the teeth. Over time, this moves them into the right location. Unlike braces, which stay in the mouth during the entire treatment period, the patient will get a new set of trays frequently. As the teeth move, the dentist will fit the patient with new aligners at each appointment, usually every two or three weeks.

Clear aligners are not noticeable

Braces can be effective at repairing smiles, but there are drawbacks. One of the biggest complaints from people is that braces stand out and are not aesthetically pleasing. Clear aligners are virtually invisible. It is difficult for others to notice when a person is wearing them. People who have concerns about self-image will love how clear aligners will not draw attention.

Aligners are removable

People who wear Invisalign aligners can remove the trays occasionally. In fact, patients should take them out at mealtime and to clean the trays. Someone with clear aligners should wear the mouthpiece 21 to 22 hours a day. It may also be wise to remove them for activities such as sports, especially ones with a lot of contact.

Aligners are gentle

Consisting of metal brackets and wires, braces can be uncomfortable. The metal can irritate the gums and cheeks. Getting hit in the mouth while wearing braces can cause bleeding and other injuries. Braces can also create sores or even cut the mouth and tongue. Invisalign aligners will not rub against the cheeks and cause soreness. The smooth plastic will not irritate the mouth.

The treatment time is shorter

Every patient will have different needs, making the total treatment length different for everyone. Still, most people will not have to wear Invisalign clear aligners for as long as they would wear braces. Traditional braces usually require at least two years of use, and some people wear them for up to three years. Clear aligners can realign teeth in as little as six months. Most patients will not have to wear them for more than two years.

A clear difference

To straighten your teeth, do not think that braces are your only option. Invisalign aligners are an effective way to repair crooked teeth and other alignment issues. From comfort to convenience to a shorter treatment time, you can see why this treatment makes sense. Talk to your dentist today about how to get started. You can fix your smile and once again enjoy the way your teeth look.

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