What Are Cosmetic Dental Alternatives to Veneers?

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For tooth damage repair, dental veneers can be an effective solution. These porcelain shells attach to the front of a cracked or chipped tooth. This covers the blemish but also protects the tooth from further damage. There are other benefits to choosing this restorative care, but there are also other options you can consider. Learning about the different cosmetic dentistry methods and talking to your dentist can help you make the right choice.

Reasons why people need restorative solutions

Dental veneers restore smiles and improve a person’s oral health. Damage can come to teeth from a few different sources. For some people, a lack of attention to daily brushing and flossing can be the culprit. Failing to keep up on these daily habits can cause tooth decay or infections, leading to tooth deterioration. In other cases, an accident or mishap can chip, break, or crack a tooth. This often happens from a blow to the face or biting into something hard.

Dental implants

Sometimes, damage to a tooth can be so severe that veneers will not be enough to save it. Profound tooth decay or an abscess, for example, may require the dentist to extract the tooth. To replace it, dental implants are a viable option. Implants are made of titanium, so they are durable and can last throughout a person’s lifetime. Implants provide a natural look and restore the mouth’s function.

One drawback to getting implants is that the process is invasive and long. Patients should plan on multiple trips to the dentist’s office and several months of healing. The dentist must first prepare the patient by taking X-rays and making impressions. Then, the patient undergoes a series of surgeries, first getting the implants deep into the jawbone. Attaching an abutment to the implant follows, with a crown going on top of the abutment last.

Dental crowns

Dentists may recommend crowns instead of dental veneers for some patients. Crowns go over the top of the tooth, stabilizing it and protecting it. The crown will match the shape, size, and color of the natural teeth. Crowns can restore any tooth and are strong enough that a patient can bite into most foods. Before placing the crown, the dentist must reshape the patient’s tooth. It usually takes two appointments to get a crown, though same-day crowns are available in some offices.

Dental bridge

Another alternative to a veneer is a bridge. This solution bridges gaps in the mouth that occur when a tooth is badly damaged or when the dentist has extracted it. Where the gap is, the dentist will place a pontic. The dentist will then place crowns over the surrounding teeth. Some dentists may use implants instead of crowns with a bridge.

Choose the right alternative to dental veneers

It can be difficult to know which restorative treatment is right for your needs. The dentist will consider the severity of your condition and discuss which option makes the most sense. You can have peace of mind knowing that there are effective solutions available, regardless of which one you select. Each of these can help you have a full, beautiful smile.

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