What to Know About a KoR Teeth Whitening Session

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KoR® teeth whitening is a one-of-a-kind and revolutionary solution that sets itself apart from the competition. This continually cooled, a high-potency gel is paired with a scientifically devised application technique to achieve astonishing results. Teeth whitening treatments and solutions, when used correctly, whiten teeth to some degree or another in almost all situations, with specific whitening systems being more effective than others. 

However, outcomes, as with any form of dental therapy, cannot be guaranteed. According to scientific studies, professional teeth whitening treatments do not hurt your teeth or gums when appropriately used, but there are some risks and restrictions. However, the hazards aren't severe enough to keep you from getting your teeth whitened most of the time.

You deserve a dazzling white smile, but how can you get rid of the yellow and discolored teeth in the mirror?

Advantages of professional KoR teeth whitening

This KoR teeth whitening treatment usually necessitates one or more in-office whitening sessions and at-home use of the custom-made deep bleaching trays. The benefit is a whitening impact that is as reliable, effective, and long-lasting as feasible. The drawback is that it is more expensive and requires more time and effort from the patient. Whitening must be maintained at home with the custom deep bleaching trays and KoR whitening maintenance gel as suggested by the dentist to attain your teeth' "permanent" whiteness. 

The whiteness of the teeth will fade over time if they are not properly maintained. Depending on the results, the dentist may suggest "accelerated maintenance," which entails wearing your whitening trays more regularly at first to "set" the new whiter color of your teeth. If you opt for at-home whitening or KoR Whitening, the results will only be achieved if you carefully follow the directions and wear your whitening trays as advised.


Every kit starts with KoR Impressions and creates a KoR Seal Tray, but the whitening procedure gets more intensive with each protocol. For normal individuals who require a conventional whitening process to remove age-related stains, KoR Home and Max are the best options:

  • Two weeks of KoR teeth whitening at home, day, or night
  • KoR whitening in the office (KoR Max Only)
  • Maintenance is required regularly to ensure that the results are permanent
  • Seek an appointment with your dentist

A dentist can assess your general tooth health and your specific needs to determine the best whitening procedure for you. Because some stains are impossible to remove with any whitening product, it's a good idea to seek advice from your dentist before proceeding with the operation.

Your dentist will tell you if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening at this session. However, even the highest-quality professional bleaching gel won't be able to remove all discoloration.

In a nutshell

It's a good idea to have your dentist clean your teeth beforehand, regardless of which treatment you choose. This will help to improve the whitening treatment's results. If you have plaque or tartar on your teeth, as well as other sediments, you may experience poor whitening effects. Before your treatment, you'll need to maintain proper oral hygiene in addition to professional cleaning.

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