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If you get herpetic lesions or cold sores we can now help you eliminate the embarrassment, pain, and discomfort.

With this diode laser we are able to treat your cold sore – herpetic lesion before you have an outbreak or when the first symptoms appear. The treatment is fast, and requires no anesthetic. In fact, the pain from the cold sore or herpetic lesion will be reduced or eliminated immediately after the laser treatment.

If you call our office when you feel the tingling sensation associated with cold sores (herpetic lesions) we can now treat the area with the diode laser.

If the lesion is treated at the ‘tingling’ stage – before an actual breakout – you may not experience a breakout at all, or you may experience less of a breakout than you usually experience.

If you are already experiencing a breakout we can still treat the affected area and you will experience immediate pain relief and the soft tissue laser- diode laser will promote collagen formation and start the healing process so the outbreak heals faster.

Since our diode laser kills the viral particles of a cold sore, it will often decrease the frequency of recurrent cold sores or herpetic lesions in the treated area. It may take several treatments, but if we can treat the area each time symptoms start with our diode laser you should experience less breakouts, smaller breakouts, or you may not have a breakout in this area again. Most have found great relief with the treatments with the diode laser.

If you or someone you know could benefit from this treatment with the diode laser please give our office a call. Usually, we can get you in for an appointment the day you call if it is a scheduled work day in the office.