How Laser Dentistry Can Improve Your Smile

Laser Dentistry Scottsdale, AZ

Laser dentistry can improve your smile by recontouring the gums and jawbone, improving the health and shade of the teeth, and more. Laser dentistry is a safe and non-invasive way to address a range of oral health and cosmetic concerns, including gum disease, dental cavities, and stained teeth. 

Laser dentistry procedures that can improve your smile

Laser dentistry can reshape gum tissue, recontour the jawbone, improve the effectiveness of teeth whitening procedures, and repair worn-down dental fillings, all of which can offer cosmetic and oral health benefits. The following is a detailed review of cosmetic procedures that can be performed with laser dentistry. 

Reshaping gum tissue

Laser gum contouring can be used to reshape the gums to allow for a more beautiful smile. This is often used to address what is referred to as a “gummy smile,” in which too much of the gums show. The traditional method of gum contouring is to remove the gum tissue with a scalpel. Needless to say, this can cause some discomfort. However, laser dentistry minimizes the discomfort of gum contouring by using highly focused light energy via dental lasers to target and recontour the gums for a more ideal appearance. 

Reshape the jawbone

Laser dentistry can also address issues with the jawbone as well. This could be a reshaping of the jawbone after bone loss occurs. This may occur at the same time as gum contouring or as a separate procedure. When compared with traditional dental methods, laser dentistry offers a less invasive and safe way to achieve ideal periodontal health and appearance. 

Improve teeth whitening procedures

Laser teeth whitening is a common dental procedure in which a whitening gel is applied to teeth and heated with dental lasers. This causes the bleaching gel to go after and remove the stubborn teeth stains, improving the color of teeth by multiple shades. This procedure is ideal for patients that have healthy teeth but have developed minor to moderate stains or natural discoloration. 

Repair worn-down dental fillings

Laser dentistry is commonly used to address issues with soft tissue, but it can address hard tissue concerns as well. Another intriguing way laser dentistry may be able to improve your smile is by repairing worn-down dental fillings. Like teeth, dental fillings are vulnerable to teeth stains. When this occurs, laser dentistry may be able to remove the stains. 

Treat dental cavities

Laser dentistry can be used to treat dental cavities and complete the dental filling process. During this procedure, the lasers are used to clean the decayed portion of the tooth, which allows for a less invasive experience than is typically the case when a scalpel and dental drill are used. 

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